Sunday, January 29, 2012

Snowmen cupcakes

These photos are actually a few weeks old, but I found them earlier this morning and couldn't remember why I never shared them. My office had a casual Friday pizza party a few weeks ago, which meant I had an open invitation to bring in a baked good.

Of course that meant I would jab sprinkles into marshmallows with a pointed toothpick and call it cute!

I made just simple chocolate cupcakes and topped them with vanilla frosting. I thought butter cream frosting topped with marshmallows would make the cupcakes too filling. I know, the horror!

For the snowmen (or snowpeople) I used 1.5 large marshmallows. The whole marshmallow was the base block and I squished the half of marshmallow to make that into the top block. To "glue" the blocks together I spread a bit of frosting between the pieces.

For eyes and mouth I used three sprinkles. I put a bit of frosting in a large spoon and dumped some sprinkles into an empty soy sauce dish. I dabbed a toothpick with a bit of frosting from the spoon and then picked up the individual sprinkles I needed. I very simply jabbed the sprinkles into the marshmallow. It was really funny to see how different the facial expressions were on the snowmen based on how far in the sprinkles went into the marshmallow. Small and beady eyes came off as angry snowmen. Large eyes came off as happy snowmen.

The funniest part was having the hubs walk by and witness my marshmallow assult. He just looked at me jabbing poor and defenseless marshmallows and muttered, "you have serious issues."

If I didn't start this project at 9 o'clock at night I would have added Twizzler pieces for a scarves and covered espresso beans with chocolate to make hats. I'm saving that idea for next time :)

My public plea to Santa paid off! My aunt bought me a cupcake container for Christmas, which is amazing. I seriously don't know how I've transported so many cupcakes in the past without ruining them. These snowmen cupcakes are so tall that they never would have fit in my normal brownie container.

Hopefully you can make some snowmen cupcakes if it actually does snow in your neck of the woods. It felt like 60 degrees this weekend in Baltimore, which means we're just dreaming of a winter wonderland here.

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