Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Hello Lover!

I sent out a calendar appointment to my female co-workers in July asking if they wanted to accompany me to Target on Tuesday, September 13th. Why? Because that's when the limited run Missoni for Target line arrived in stores.

Confession: I went to Target on Monday night just in hopes that they would have some of the stuff out early. Verdict - NO!

Then, on Tuesday morning I hopped online at 6:35 am to check out what was available in my local stores. Yes, stores. I checked every store from my office outside of DC to my house just outside of Baltimore. The store closest to my office listed everything as "limited stock."

I almost thought about going to work late and hitting up Target early in the morning. However, I couldn't do that and leave my girls behind.

At 5:00pm sharp we piled in our cars and raced each other to Target. I've wanted the chunky heels since the moment the first look book was visible online! My girls knew this and as soon as we entered the store we bypassed the clothes section and ran right to the shoe section. I swear, we looked like a SWAT team because we immediately broke off from formation and went down separate aisles.

That's when I heard one of my comrades scream, "HEIDI! They're HERE!"

CRAP! I was four aisles over and a mass of 10 women were heading straight for my shoes. Without missing a beat my friend instinctly pulled the size 8.5 and 9 shoes off the rack and charged over to me.

That, my friends, is what a good shopping partner does! We giggled and laughed as I tried on the shoes, decided the 8.5s fit better, and happily danced in the aisle. Afterwards, we had a fun girls trip trying on everything imaginable in the store and running around to see what Missoni items were left. In a nutshell: all that remained with a decent selection were the tights.

It was hilarious, I was the one who wanted to go to Target and I was the one who ended up buying the least amount of stuff! I never knew that four women could have so much fun in a Target store.

And now, these lovely shoes are all mine.

I'll randomly check to see if any of the scarves are in stock the next time I'm on a Target run. I'm not an addict and I'm not paying above retail price for anything listed on Ebay.

How about you? Did you like any of the Missoni for Target pieces? Did you get anything on Tuesday? Are you ordering anything online now that the website is back up and running?


  1. Cute shoes! You're so lucky they were left. They'll look great in the fall/winter.

  2. Well I now know why I kept seeing stuff about Missoni all over the internet. How did I know nothing about any of this until the day after it went down?!

    Sounds like you had a blast!