Monday, September 19, 2011

Announcement: We moved!

Well thank you Captain Obvious!

Turns out rather than hitting publish post way back when I actually just saved this post. Whoops!

Roughly 47 seconds after switching the front door locks on our house the hubs and I had to jump in the car because I was late for a ten hour road trip up to New Hampshire. However, the car ride back to our rental abode gave us a few minutes to bask in the happiness of being a blissfully married couple who now owned a big baby of a house. Besides the common sense first thought of, "we need a fridge ASAP!" I thought, "we need to send out moving announcements."

Enter the deafening sound of bewilderment coming from my husband.

"Seriously, we don't even have a fridge, washer, or dryer and you're worried about moving announcements."

Hey, I've got weird priorities man. I just knew that if we didn't jump on the moving announcements they'd get shuffled to the back burner and never happen.

Well, what do you know ... life happened. Massive amounts of unpacking, cleaning, and multiple work trips left both of us exhausted and the very last thing either one of us wanted to do was design a moving announcement.

Enter Etsy or Happiness on Crack as I like to think of it.

I showed the hubs a few designs and within an hour we had a proof back of our announcements. Just a few days later these showed, beautifully packaged, in the mail.

I love everything about thing: the recycled craft paper, the green color, the stencil. Nothing but love. And the price was awesome too!

They're from Etsy Seller Jack and Ella. I'm in no way getting anything by sharing the seller's name other than maybe some good karma if someone goes and orders something and loves their order.

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