Monday, February 28, 2011


Seriously dude, you're an enabler.

Last year for my birthday I asked you to split the difference and chip in for my beloved Canon T2i.

Then, for our third wedding anniversary you gifted me with a fantastic Kelly Moore Hobo bag in Muted Teal. Okay, it's not technically leather, but it's clearly the thought that counts.

It even has a purple liner. If that isn't perfect for me, then I don't know what is!

For Christmas you went a head and bought me what I hope is the first of many prime lenses. She's fast, heavy, sharp & blurry and all loved.

You surprised the daylights out of me on Valentine's Day (we don't usually do gifts) and gave me the futuristic looking and very groovy Joby Gorillapod tripod.

Finally, you went above and beyond the call of lust and presented me with Adobe Photoshop CS5 for my 28th birthday. I can now magic wand away the slight wrinkles that are starting to appear on both of our faces. You more than me, seriously use a night cream every once in a while!

So really sir, you have absolutely no one to blame when I pop up out of nowhere and take your picture. You're an enabler in every sense of the word and I love you for it.

Now, if you can not buy me a gift for the rest of the year and then plop down a 70-200 lens next year for my birthday... well I might just die and head off to Canon heaven.

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