Friday, March 18, 2011

He did it!

Well, he took a big step in the right direction.

One of my "big" goals for running this year was to get the hubs to run a sub-28 minute 5k. I figured that would be the time it would take based on his normal running pace to get him to run an entire 5k. Turns out he's never run an entire 5k before and that really bugged me. It's just weird because we do 5-6 mile runs together all the time, so a 5k should be a piece of cake!

We ran a St. Patrick's Day 5k together and I stayed with the hubs the entire time. I told him how far we'd run, what our pace was, where the next hill was, etc. I even volunteered to fetch him water so he didn't have to slow down in the water line! I think I was his personal trainer for the short race.

It was really funny because in the last half-mile I kept nudging him to go faster and he'd refuse. At one point he even said, "I'm good right here, you go on a head." Right, like I'm going to let that happen.

Then, a solid 20 feet before the finish line, my loving hubs darts between a group of people and charges across the finish line. As soon as we get across the finish line he has the dumbest smirk on his face. He knows that he can say forever that he beat me in that race. PRICK!!!

Fine. Whatever. It's cool.

Actually it's more than fine, it was really nice to hit up the post-race festivities, while noshing on bananas, chips, and beer (the runners diet!). The hubs was in a very good mood after the race and he was pretty stoked that he ran the whole thing. Of course, it certainly helped that we started the race with a bunch of our softball friends and the hubs was more than happy that he beat all of them. And they say that I'm the competitive one!

While he didn't finish in under 28 minutes, he did run the entire time, and he's looking forward to running more 5ks in the future. In the interim, I'm training for another half-marathon and the hubs is going to join me on all of my 5 mile and under runs, which will be very nice.

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