Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Alright, pink elephant in the room

It's 2011 and everyone and their mother is making resolutions. Here's a few things I want to add to the pile:

1. Track my running mileage. My Garmin 405 should make this much easier, as I've sporadic with Strands.Com or any other type of journal log. I can't even estimate how much I've run in the past few years because I've been so up and down with my mileage and frequency. Plenty of other runners are proudly proclaiming, "I'm going to run XXXX number of miles this year" and I'd love to say something similar, but I'm afraid I'm going to over or under shoot what I'm capable of doing. Baby steps people, baby steps.

2. Get over my fear of open water. Okay, pools too. I know if I was on a boat and had to swim for my life, I'd be able to do it. Other than that, I'm insanely uncomfortable in the water. But, I did go water skiing for the first time ever last summer and I didn't die, which is clearly a step forward in the right direction. Ideally, I'd love to do a triathelon at some point, but the whole swimming thing makes me want to hurl.

3. Take more risks with my personal style. I wear a ton of black. I wear a ton of grey. I don't have "going out" clothes anymore because my closet is one giant Banana Republic/J. Crew/Ann Taylor/Gap/Nordstrom Career section department store. My idea of a shoe splurge is Cole Haan Nike Air pumps for work. I also tend to wear the same hair style year in and year out. I started things off right and had my hair chopped on January 2nd. I'm not saying I'm going to wear pink any time soon, but I really miss my crazy polka dot days.

4. Get back in touch with my creative side. I've been a serious lull lately. I haven't even used my sewing machine since before I moved. My health nut craze has significantly decreased my creative baking routine. I feel like I'm not even doing my camera justice anymore. I'm in a funk and I need to SNAP OUT OF IT!!! I want to highlight at least one creative a project a month. I hope that will be a good starting point.

5. Buy a house. The hubs and I are so ready. The game plan is to really take a look and hopefully find our dream home this year.

So that's it 2011. Balls in your court.

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