Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Oh, Flor how do I love thee?

Let me count the ways.

I need a small area rug for our entry way. That's over-reaching it just a tad, I need an interior door matt because the hubs and I are trekking water, salt, and slush all over our hallway and kitchen. I'm really grossed out to think that all that junk used to just get mashed down into our living room carpet. YUCK!

Of course once I started looking at rugs I would find the gorgeous 8x10 or larger rugs. Then I'd I start dreaming about what they would look like in my house. At this point I'd have to snap out of it and say, "WOAH! This isn't your house and hopefully you're moving again this summer. Calm down!"

But, in all seriousness how awesome would this rug look in a mancave. Yes, I'm totally appealing to the male demographic in the house because if I can swing this rug for him, then it's just all to easy to design my own custom entry way area. That's a totally logically leap of faith, right?

Sigh... I should go to HomeGoods, use a coupon and buy a generic area rug for $25. But, a girl can dream right?

Anyone order a rug from Flor? I'm thinking I need to keep this one earmarked for when I finally buy a house.


  1. I know lots of people who love their FLOR tiles! It's pricey, but at the same time, you get exactly what you want?

  2. i bought some flor tiles from cb2 and LOVE them. it's for our entryway, and i was able to get a few different colors and textures (different prices--some cheaper, a couple pricier, but it made the overall rug cool to have a mix, i think) to really make the space look how we wanted it. plus they're easy to clean and just, well, awesome.
    heh. yep. i heart flor tiles.
    -brittney (i found your blog thru kendi's remixer list; i'm doing the 30x30 as well)