Monday, December 6, 2010

2010 Holiday Card (50 Free Shutterfly Cards for Bloggers!)

Last month we met up with the insanely talented Mandi White and did a quick photo session in Ellicott City, MD. I've had Mandi added to my Google Reader since before I got married and she's a fan favorite on the Baltimore Knot/Nest boards. All for good reason, she's awesome and crazy Boston Terrier friendly.

Honestly, this picture encapsulates Jewels' complete and total boredom with me, her human, that I see every single day.

There are no words.

And we have so many more to pick from! It's crazy. I squealed like a small child when I opened the email from Mandi that shared our online gallery. I looked at a few pictures on my phone, but my little Droid screen didn't do them justice. To sum up, later that week I ran into one of the hubs' co-workers and he told me that the pictures were adorable. I gave him a confused look and he said, "well of course your husband showed them to everyone at work!"

Next, I have to pick a photo card design. I've used Shutterfly in the past for cards and then this year I heard about a promotion Shutterfly was offering for bloggers. If you have a blog and would like to partake in this promotion, click over here and follow the instructions.

Joy to 2010 from the Holiday Collection.

Shimmering Stars from the Christmas Card Collection.

Snow Flurries Cocoa from the Christmas Card Collection.

Glitter Glamour Joy from the Christmas Collection

Or perhaps I can just make photo calendars for the whole family for next year! Nothing like a daily dose of the hubs, pups, and I to get the morning started. :)

I can't make a decision! Do I pick a card design first or photo? There are too many fantastic options and combinations available.

Normally, I'm not one for taking something free in exchange for advertising it, but I feel very comfortable with this Shutterfly deal. For one, they're a reputable company. I've used them in the past for prints, photobooks and photo hosting and with nothing but good results. Two, the rules were plainly described to me in an email and I felt like I wasn't "selling my soul" for some free goods. Third, I've read comments on other blogs that posters did in fact receive their free cards. I wanted to wait a few days and make sure that others were receiving their cards before I went a head and posted about the giveaway. Finally, maybe you haven't heard about this deal and I would love it if someone else was able to partake in it before the December 10th deadline. Money doesn't grow on trees and the stamps will still set you back a pretty penny, so why not have free gorgeous cards?


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