Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Oh you think you're so sneaky!

The hubs left me for a eight days for a silly work trip to Fort Bragg, North Carolina. He came home last night and there was something slightly different about him.

I see that facial hair Mister! Just because it's not a full beard doesn't mean it's sticking around! Don't think you can leave for a week and then do something drastic. I mean, I didn't chop 12 inches off of my hair when you went to Vegas for a week. Oh wait, I did do that. Touché!

Please forgive the somewhat vacant expression shown by the hubs. In his defense I did whip out my camera at 7:09am when we were sitting at the train station. I've got to give it the hubs, I would need massive amounts of concealer or something to cover the bags under my eyes if I was as tired as he was at the time. Poor dude is crazy busy right now.

Ladies, do you have a say in your partner-in-crime's facial hair status???? Truth be told, I let the hubs do whatever he wants within reason. He did try to grow a beard the winter before we got married and I wasn't a fan. I did figure it's his head, but I do have some input because I'm the one who has to look at it (said in my most vapid voice.... ha!).

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  1. Such a cute post. I love a touch of facial hair!

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