Thursday, January 14, 2010

Do you Rue La La?

I admit, I'm definitely guilty of over indulging in internet shopping. Purses, shirts, jeans, scarves, bags, toothpaste, whatever... sometimes it's just easier to have things shipped to my house.

The one thing I don't normally order online- shoes. I have to try shoes on before I order them. It's a weird distinction, but I've had a few bad experiences with ordering shoes online.

Yet, I had a cool $50 credit to Rue La La that expired December 30th and I wasn't about to let $50 go to waste... so I bought a pair of these lovelies.

Yummy Calvin Klein pumps in a Bordeaux color. Yes, winos, my new shoes are wine colored. They're perfect.

Now, I know some of you fashionistas are looking at the stacked heel aspect and giving them the side-eye. I understand that, really, I do. I felt the exact same way.

That is until I spied the sole of these babies:

Yes, comfy. Again, giving them the side-eye. Don't worry, these pumps blow stilettos out of the water. When your day involves the potential of hopping between trains and subways, you need a cute and functional shoe.

These babies were on my doorstep last Friday and they made the start to my weekend that much better. Especially because I had to work late... on a FRIDAY!!!!

I've worn them to work twice this week and I must say, they're more comfy than my Cole Haan shoes. The very best part, because of my Rue La La credit these shoes only cost me $9.

Yes, $9.

Which is also the same price the hubs and I spent at Starbucks last weekend. Guess which thing is still around a week later and will still be around in a year or two. Certainly, not the coffee!!!

If you want to join Rue La La (a cool boutique where members enjoy premier-brand private sales), because membership is FREE, then click here. You need an invite and I'm more than happy to share the yummy goodness of cute shoes, bags, and clothes.

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