Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Yes, we're definitely related

If you have siblings, then you know what I'm talking about. You and your siblings have those little quirks, mannerisms or traits that make it completely obvious that you are definitely related. Of course you're not mirror copies of each other, but there are certain similarities that can't be ignored.

My little brother now lives a whopping twelve miles away from me and I couldn't be happier. It may take the hubs some time to get accustomed to hanging out with two red heads (the smell of sunblock can be overbearing at times), but he likes my brother so it's all good. I can't wait for more baseball games, rounds of golf, tennis matches and random good times with my brother.


  1. LOL @ the smell of sunblock can be overbearing at times - too funny. I know what you mean though, I have a younger sister and a younger brother and we definitely do have some traits in common.

  2. Awwww so cute! LOL at the smell of sunblock!! My sister lives about 30 minutes away and I am always thankful that she is so close and that we can hang out a lot. YAY for siblings!!

    Are you guys at a baseball game there?

  3. Trace- yes, we were at yet another O's game. My brother is a Braves fan (why, I don't know) and the hubs and I bought my brother tickets for his birthday.