Friday, June 26, 2009

This is either creepy or cute

The hubs has been plagued with this horrible nagging sensation for the past few years. No, it hasn't been me, but instead he's been tossing around the idea of whether or not he should try to play baseball. He plays in two different softball leagues and it seems neither one of them is providing the hubs with the competitive nature that he craves.

Last month I made the gravest of comments and told the hubs he wasn't getting any younger and if he wanted to play he better do it sooner rather than later. What can I say, I provide just the right type of encouragement (90% logical + 10% brutal honesty). In the weeks since the hubs has worked to build up a bit of arm strength and find a team. I thought it would take him a bit longer to find a team, but he met with one coach and instantly found a team.

The timetable was much quicker than either of us expected, but last night the hubs went to his first game. He didn't pitch, but he threw a bullpen session after the game and was told he'll be pitching this weekend. Nice transition period, right?

Fortunately, the game last night was held at a field only a half of a mile from our house. I walked Jax down to the game and we hung out to watch a game of baseball. Honestly, I was worried because Jax tends to go crazy at sporting events because he wants to eat the ball. At least that's what he used to do at my brother's rugby games. Surprisingly enough, Jax was pretty well behaved. He jumped on a friend of mine, but overall he was pretty good.

All bets were off when he saw the hubs pick up a baseball and start long tossing with one of his new teammates. Seriously, Jax stared staring at the hubs. It was kind of creepy.

After the game, Jax practically tackled the hubs. That part wasn't creepy or cute, but I think the hubs was expecting it.

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