Friday, February 20, 2015

Purple Birthday Gift Ideas

It's my birthday! I kind of act like a small child on my birthday. I refuse to wear boring shoes and even today I'm wearing a pair of purple peep-toe pumps to work. On a Friday! I don't ask people to sing to me on my birthday because it would be a crime for me to return the favor, but if there isn't cake don't bother going to bed because the day isn't over yet. The hubs learned that one year after making an amazing dinner and when it was done I asked, "where's the cake?"  I felt bad about it, I really did. My grandmother used to mail me a cake when I was away at college, so I guess it's safe to say that there has always been cake present on my birthday.  That's just how my family does it!

I might wear a lot of black, but if you asked anyone in my life what is "my color" they'd quickly respond with some shade of purple. It's because Amethyst is my birthstone and I was the world's biggest tomboy growing up. I didn't do pink, but my parents could get me to wear purple. Maybe it's because there were a few professional sports teams that had purple as their colors. If it was good enough for those big dudes, it was good enough for me!

With that being said, above are a few of my favorite purple gift ideas. I'd be happy if any of them found their way into my life.  Just hinting :)  Of course they're all made in America.

Have a great weekend everyone!  There might be a snowstorm in the area tomorrow that might disrupt a dinner the hubs has planned, but as long as there is cake tonight I'll be happy as can be. I'm pretty easy, I just want cake! That's not too bad is it?

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