Wednesday, February 18, 2015

A Blessing in Disguise

Made in USA: Coat: Fleurette (similar) // Shirt: Steven Alan (similar) // Tshirt: American Apparel // Hat: Brixton // Clutch: Clare V // Jeans: James Jeans // Nails: Zoya 'Gwyneth' // Lips: Mineral Fusion 

I was a proverbial homebody on Tuesday and didn't leave the house until close to 5pm when the hubs just about dragged me out of the house. Granted it didn't take too much convincing, but "hey, you've been home all day, let's go get fried chicken" sadly worked like a charm.

My poor Jax has a cold and it was very unlike him to not want to spend all day playing in the snow. Thankfully my brother still lives with us and was happy to be on puppy duty while the hubs and I enjoyed a much needed dinner out. Plus, I wanted someone home with the pups in case of an emergency.

I don't know if it was the fried chicken or the sight of the world covered in a fresh blanket of snow that elevated my dumpy mood. I'm a worrier by nature and on Monday afternoon my next door neighbor's house caught on fire.  I don't know about you, but when a fire engine is parked halfway in my driveway and I saw flames shooting out of someone's house I tend to go into worry mode. Thank goodness everyone is safe and sound. My neighbor's have recently retired to Georgia and they had contractors in the house getting it ready for sale. I'm sure that complicates the sale process immensely, but at the end of the day there was a house fire and not a single person was harmed. That's a blessing of sorts because it could have been a lot worse.

Also, thank goodness for first responders. Those guys were amazing. They even checked on me, asked how many people and pets were in my home, and asked that I check in with them if I left.

Please do me a favor: hug your loved ones and review your fire safety procedures. If you didn't check your smoke detector batteries in the fall when you changed your clocks, please do it now. Make a fire exit plan and make sure every single person in the house knows the meeting place outside.  We're purchasing two separate fire extinguishers just because my first reaction when I saw that fire yesterday was to grab a fire extinguisher. My second reaction was to put harnesses on the dogs so they were ready to roll out if needed.

Here's a great checklist to get you started thinking about your own fire safety plan. I know these plans look like common sense and people tend to think they'll know what to do when the time comes, but you never really know how many seconds mean the difference between being safe and not being safe.
That's just my little PSA for the day. Thanks putting up with my worrier side.

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