Thursday, May 17, 2012

What happens in Kentucky

is good for the soul.

After running the Flying Pig Marathon my bestie, Bee, and I retreated south to her dad's horse farm in Kentucky.  The two and a half-days we spent there were probably some of the more relaxing moments I've had since starting my first adult job!

Marathon recovery time at a winery?!?! Don't mind if I do! 

Nuzzling the velvet on a horses nose. Done! 

Checking out the cutest lawnmower of all time. Done! 

Hanging out with a real shoe maker. Done! 

Finding a picturesque little spot.  Done!
Noticing a horse has something stuff in their teeth. Done! 

Watching a horse successfully untie himself from a post. Done! 

Watching said horse when you come up to him and realize he's saying to himself, "I'm so busted."  Done! 

Witness someone get on a horse for the first time. Done! 

Lounging around for synchronized back scratch time. Done! 

Root on a friend who's not successful at figure 8s in a round pen. Done! 

Having said friend's one-eyed horse call you out on your laughter. Done! 

Scaring the daylights out of the farm's cats. Done!

Horseback rides through the woods. Well, not done for me, but done for others! 

 Letting your best friend enjoy some father-daughter-bonding time. Done!

Taking a walk along the road with my dear friend Canon and two dogs. Done! 

 Enjoying a quick summer storm. Done!  Seriously, it POURED for five minutes and then went back to sunshine.
Laughing at how someone can go fishing and talk on a cell phone at the same time. Done! 

Realizing your best friend is secretly a master catfisher. Done! Seriously I caught a single catfish worth eating and Bee caught four! That doesn't include how many she caught that were deemed too small. 

Enjoying the freshiest catfish I've had in years. Done! 

Leaving a book outside in a downpour.  Well, Bee did!  I brought my book back inside pre-storm.
Just enjoying watching the rain come down. Done! 

Enjoying fresh picked strawberries from the patch in the backyard. Done! 

 Making strawberry scones in the must functional kitchen of all time. Done!

 Quality hammock time. Done! Done! and more DONE!

Seeing horses from almost every window in the house. Done!

Being absolutely inspired by all the marathon posters hanging in the house, including the hallway of Boston. Done!

Kentucky was so green. So gorgeous.  So calm. So peaceful.  Bee's dad and stepmom completely spoiled us and it was so nice to not have to do anything at all.  No alarm clocks, no bed times, and a whole lot of wine made for an amazing time.  The beautiful horses grazing around the yard certainly didn't harm things either.  

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