Sunday, August 29, 2010

Perhaps there is hope for a new pair of jeans

Finding the perfect pair of jeans is a fashion myth. I haven't actually heard of a flesh and blood friend finding the "one" pair of jeans for them. Finding the perfect man, piece of cake, but the perfect pair of jeans... totally not going to happen.

I, myself, didn't wear jeans for nearly four long years because I grew to get so frustrated with the limited options available for curvier women (aka the jeans at JC Penny's weren't doing it for me!). I've always been a white girl with a big ol' bubble butt and in the late 90s to early 2000s that translated into jeans that didn't fit. I'd have a size 6 waist and a size 10 butt. Jeans just weren't cut for the masses to include curves. Thank goodness J.Lo and Beyonce came along! Then, it was cool to have curves. I think Nelly even came out with a line of jeans for curvier women (not that I ever purchased a pair).

Still, finding the "one" never happened for me. It's mostly because I'm a cheapo when it comes to jeans and I can't stomach to pay more than $80 for a pair of pants. Actually, that's a bit high, I don't like to spend more than $50 on a pair of jeans. Basically, I can't even shop at Express anymore for a pair of jeans and I'm too old to go in with my grandma and have her buy me a pair (man, I long for those end of summer ritual back-to-school shopping sprees thanks to a very generous grandma).

Lately, I've been rocking my Old Navy jeans because I've scored them every Black Friday for $15 the past few years. The suckers shrink in the wash and then I have to go through that jumping up and down routine post-washing to get them to fit right again. Insert massive amounts of laughter by the hubs and you can see why I avoided jeans for quite some time.

Last year, I believe it was the Gap that became the moderately-priced "go-to" jeans place. Like a lemming I went in and tried them on and left the store empty handed. The dreaded waist gap got me again. Sure, I'll take my ill-fitting ON jeans because they're $15! That's like three cups of coffee! But if I'm going to spend more than $50 on a pair of jeans well then I want them to fit. Is that too much to ask?!?!?!?

Apparently so because I'm at the point where all I have are ON jeans and a few leftover Express jeans from back when flared leg jeans were all the rage. Seriously, buying or attempting to buy jeans for me is like a Road Runner episode except I'm the darn Coyote. I know full well going in that the jeans aren't going to fit and yet I'm shocked when I come out of the fitting room and hand back the attendant a mountain of ill-fitting jeans. Okay, skinny jeans are solely responsible for my .000 batting average as of late, but that's just because my damn calves are too big. Seriously, I tried on a pair Citizens because I was willing to spend $150 on a pair of jeans if they would fit and my frickin' calves were too big! It's bad enough that my calves don't fit into Hunter boots, but now I can't even try to buy a pair of fancy trendy jeans.


Anyway, the original makers of jeans have apparently heard that women experience some frustration in their endless quest to find the "one." I'm a bit skeptical of the perfect pair of jeans coming to my womanly butt by a man, but whatever. I'm also skeptical that 80% of the world's women fall within three body types, but again I'm willing to suffer the humilation in effort to find a pair of jeans that fit me. I'll even slide for a pair of jeans that make my butt look bad if the suckers fit the rest of me!!!

A fellow curvy and frustrated friend sent me the video below and suggested we make a shopping date in the near future. Levi's please don't let me down!!!

Anyone else struggle to find the "one" and care to share? As soon as I try on some new Levi's I'll report on how I faired.

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  1. I'm not skinny like you, but I'm definitely curvy. I just got a pair of the Levi's curve. They fit great when I first put them on, but because they're a stretchy jean they become baggy & look frumpy by the end of the day. Maybe you'll have better luck.