Saturday, October 10, 2009

October Baseball

I'm a self-described baseball fanatic. It's either charming or highly annoying, depending on your own personal likes and dislikes.

Unfortunately, baseball season ended last week in the Baltimore are. The O's didn't make the playoffs and finished the season well under .500. There's always talk of being a better team next year and hopefully next year is finally that year.

Of course, my beloved New York Yankees are in fine shape in the post-season. They're having a grand ol' time beating up on the Minnesota Twins in the first round, but it isn't over until the last out is made.

Back here in Baltimore the hubs and I had a great baseball season. We went to FanFest and Opening Day. We were there when A-Rod hit his first home run in his first game back from hip surgery. We were there for both Matt Wieter's first game and when he hit his first career home run. We were there for floppy hat night, crab mallet night, beer stein night and a whole host of other promotions. We celebrated our second wedding anniversary with a bunch of screaming O's fans. We were there for the last series of the year when the O's actually swept the opposition.

At the end of the season we went to 22 O's games. Not too shabby. Not nearly as many as we went to last season, but we were a bit busier this year and had to cut back on a few O's games. We'll be okay, no worries. Although, I think by time next year rolls around the hubs will most likely need a new dresser because of all the free O's t-shirts he's accumulated over the past two years. For the record, the O's give out XL orange t-shirts and they don't quite fit my 5'7" frame. Plus, orange isn't one of my better colors, so I gladly give my free stuff to the hubs. It's a fair trade, he gave me his purple O's hat (a cross promotion on NFL draft day to bring in a few Ravens fans).

This past baseball season was especially great for me because I was able to go to a few games with my family members.

May 29th with my nephew and sister. Aka Matt Wieter's first game in Baltimore.

June 13th with my brother.

Maybe next year I can finally go to a game with my mom and dad. Yeah, that was a public shout-out that you two should visit your daughter. No pressure or anything.

In this post-season the hubs and I are putting on a united front (he's grudgingly cheering for the Yanks), but we can't wait to be back to a divided house back at Camden Yards next year.

See you in 2010.

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  1. I hope we get to another baseball game next year. We had a really good time going with you guys.

    Go YANKEES!!!