Tuesday, September 8, 2009

My sister got married!!!

My sister and I seem like complete opposites of each other.

She loves pink and I hate pink (the color, not the singer).

She has curly hair, whereas I have poker straight hair.

She has curves and I only have one (my bum).

She's shortish and I'm tallish.

She has a great voice and my only chance of getting on American Idol is to be one of those horrible people the judges make fun of in the first few episodes.

She's a girly girl and I'm a tomboy.

She snorts when she laughs and I make fun of her.

She loves strawberrys and I hate them.

She likes rap and R&B and I like rock alternative and country music.

She was a cheerleader in high school. I don't even have to dignify that with a response (I'm kidding!).

Even with all of those differences aside, we're totally related and there's no denying that. For her wedding over the weekend I sucked it up and just went with her pinkness overload. Seriously, she wanted to have her bridesmaids wear pink dresses!

The bridesmaids carried hot pink roses with bear grass accents. The bride carried Eskimo roses with pink crystal accents. All of the bouquets were hand-tied with satin ribbon. My aunt Ev provided all of the flowers.

see- pink crystals!!!

pink satin purse. Okay, I made that for my sister, so that's my bad. I didn't get a single picture of the ring bearer pillow that I made for my nephew. He didn't want any pink either because he was pinked out as well.

Ugh, the only picture I have of just the hubs and me is blurry. Go figure! That's what I get for not having my camera out at every possible second.

Most of the ceremony photos the hubs took came out blurry. It's not his fault. The lighting in the church was really dim and there was no flash photography allowed. Even it all its blurriness, this picture still tells a very funny story. See the red head guy second from the right? Yeah, that's my brother. He's a big guy. Normally, he's the biggest dude in a room. He looked small on Sunday, which is hilarious! Those guys couldn't move an inch during the ceremony because if they did they would have knocked each other off their respective chairs. It was so funny. During the rehearsal Rev. Chuck kept commenting that he didn't realize the Giants offensive line was present. Those are some very large men. The groom is 6'5", so I think that gives an indication of how tall those guys are.

Walking down the aisle in the historic church. Really, I'm thinking "do not fall! Do not fall! Whatever you do, don't fall! Goodness, why did I decide to wear 4" heels!"

They're married!!! Shaka is thinking, "how much longer do we have to sit up here?"

Hanging out in the church while portraits were being taken by the wedding photographers. Aunt Ev got in on the pink action.

My brother and I after the ceremony. At this point the bride and groom went off to the Vanderbilt Mansion for their portraits. I can't wait to see more of those photos!

Seriously, everyone had some pink!

My sister, nephew, and me hanging out in the bridal suite.

My new brother-in-law popping the bubbly.

My dad and his best friend, who stood up next to my dad at his own wedding nearly 32 years ago.

My Oma and my Grandpa Joe. More pink!!! Can you believe my grandpa is 90 years old? Ninety years young I say!

The maid of honor, the bride and me! I think we were all exhausted by pictures at this point.

Yes, the hubs was making fun of me because during the reception my sister's kick butt photographers put up a slide show of some photos they took earlier in the day. In essence I was taking pictures of pictures. Lame, possibly, but the photos were amazing (um, the ones the pros took, not so much on mine)

My picture of their picture doesn't do it justice. Seriously, it was gorgeous!!!

My nephew is such a ham.

I could post even more pictures, but I'll wait to reveal the pro pictures. Based on the few that I saw I know that they are going to be top notch and nothing I could share would do my sister's wedding any justice. The weekend was so crazy that I didn't even get a single picture with my mom. I can't believe that, but my SD card doesn't lie.

The next morning everyone who stayed at the hotel had breakfast together. I didn't even know that a Nintendo DSI could take pictures. Apparently, my nephew wasn't playing video games like I suspected all day. Instead, he was taking pictures of his mum getting married and wanted to show her the next morning. Seriously, how cute is that?

It only took me two showers to get all the hair spray and gel out of my hair! I was a little worse for the wear the next day and I wasn't happy about spending five hours in a car to get back home. Have no fear Aunt Ev, the pink flowers are still alive and they're in the vase you gave me. The hubs said the vase is really pretty and we should use it more often. I told him one way to get more use out of it was for him to buy me flowers more often. We'll see how that goes.

I will definitely be posting a link later in the week for the pro pictures. You'll get a pink overload when those photos come in!

Jean and Shaka, I hope you two are having a wonderful time traveling to and in Hawaii. D and I were so happy and proud to be a part of your wedding, but we're even more excited to be a part of the rest of your lives. I'm giving you a few months of non-baby talk and they you better start pumping out a kid so mom, dad, grandma, Oma and everyone else gets off my back!!!

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  1. Wow what a fun and beautiful wedding! You looked great! And your sister and her new hubbie are one adorable couple. Congrats to all.