Thursday, July 31, 2008

You go Jennifer Garner!

I was flipping through the channels the other day and realized that there was nothing to watch. I hate when that happens! My cable bill was $180 last month, surely there should be something entertaining on tv. Normally, I’d read a book, but I had just finished a book and despised it. It was one of those things where you go, “wow, I wish I could get all the time back I wasted on this thing.” So, low and behold I see that “The Kingdom” is on HBO. Sure, why not?

Honestly, the only reason I turned it on was for Jason Bateman. Any faith I had in Jamie Foxx was quickly lost after I attempted to watch “Miami Vice” a few months ago. Chris Cooper is a solid actor, but not someone I’ll watch a movie just because he’s involved.

Then, there’s Jennifer Garner, which is a hard story for me. I want to love her, I do. I love her personality, but I really don’t care for any of the movies she’s ever been in. I thought “13 going on 30” was the worst rip-off of “Big” and Tom Hanks should be on a short list of people that you don’t mess with. I know I’m in the minority here, but I never got into the television series “Alias.” But, I want to love Jennifer Garner. I’m lukewarm on Ben Affleck, but absolutely love Matt Damon. If Jennifer has any connection to Matt, then she’s cool in my book. Plus, she’s from West Virginia. That right there makes me want to love her, but then I keep having flashbacks of “Daredevil” and the love is lost.

So here’s an action movie with Jennifer Garner and Jason Bateman. Secretly, I’m hoping that Jennifer will kick the crap out of Jason in the movie. I wanted her to punch him in the face during “Juno” and I’m hoping that in this movie she’ll at least slap him or something. As much as I love Jason Bateman I must admit he was a total ass in "Juno" and he deserved a quick slap to the face.

Alright, if you ever cared to watch this movie you should probably stop reading right now!

Jennifer Garner is the traditional female FBI agent in this movie. The guys do most of the work and she’s just along for the ride. Well, in the big action sequence of the movie she gets the shaft and is left outside in the hallway. BOOM!!!! Jennifer starts entering rooms and basically blasts a few dudes away with her machine gun. Then, she gets into a hand-to-hand combat fight with a very large dude. At one point she even bites the guy in the head. Then, just to further show she’s a total bad-ass she stabs him in the very upper thigh region before killing him with a serious stab wound to the back of the head.

It’s because of this scene, I can now say with the utmost confidence, that I truly love Jennifer Garner. She is typecast as the chick in this movie. Then, sure enough at the end, she saves the day. She kills a bunch of bad dudes, rescues Jason Bateman, and figures out the old dude in the room is really the terrorist leader. She does all of this while having to keep her boobs under cover because Jeremy Piven is worried that the Saudi officers might be offended.

You go Jennifer Garner!!!

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  1. I LOOOVE Jennifer Garner! Oh and not only were her boobs taped down but she was pregnant during the filming of this movie. I read that in order to make it look more realistic the fight scene wasn't choreographed. She just made him promise not to hit her anywhere in the stomach.