Thursday, May 26, 2016

Scenes from Frankfurt

Earlier this month I had the absolute joy to cross out an item off on my bucket list.  Ever since I was a little girl I had hoped to go to Germany one day with my grandmother. When my dad's sisters and brothers went to Germany when I was a teenager I actually had an embarrassing case of envy. I was so happy for them and loved to hear their stories, but secretly I was frustrated that I wasn't able to go on the trip with them. My mom and Oma (grandmother in German) have crossed the pond a few times together and every time they go that little green eyed monster grows in me.

This year it certainly didn't seem like the ideal time to go. I have a baby. I don't get a full night sleep every night. My house is a wreck. I don't have enough vacation time to go thanks to taking a few days off after my son's surgery earlier this year and a massive snow storm (in factoring out my yearly vacation time I completely forgot that when daycare is closed due to snow that means someone has to stay home with the little guy!).

All the excuses were there not to go. But, my Oma's beloved husband passed away last year and she hasn't been her mentally upbeat person ever since. Around Christmas my sister mentioned that she was looking into going to Germany this year with my mom and my Oma.

Guess who was the person to find airfare so that we could all assemble from Baltimore, Austin, Florida, and NY into Toronto and catch a flight over to Frankfurt?  Yeah, that was me.

My husband told me to go. He'd gladly take care of our son for a week so I could cross off a very special item on my bucket list:

sharing a beer in Germany with my Oma.

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