Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Back to basics

Emerson Fry sandals

For some reason basics get a bad rap, but I'm going back to basics this year - sartorially speaking.  I've packed my maternity clothes away and purged my closet of anything that doesn't fit or anything that I'm just sick of wearing.  The only exceptions are my button up blouses because even though I'm back to my pre-baby weight my chest size is no where near close to pre-baby size.  I still have hope for some of those shirts. 

Besides maternity wear I haven't purchased any new clothes since mid-2014.  That's a lot of time to stare at a closet and think, "ugh, this outfit again." 

I'm going back to basics and focusing on timeless pieces that I'll want to reach for again and again. Except for bags because I'm going to be carting around a diaper bag for a few more years. Seriously, the diapers seem never ending. Smartest baby registering decision my husband made was registering for a diaper backpack. We need all hands free for our little guy!

My birthday is this weekend and I can officially declare myself as "mid-30s." My goal for clothes are structurally sound pieces that might actually have a chance to carry me into my forties. Yeah, that's kind of crazy, but let's go with it.

If you're still checking in around here then expect lots of basics this year.

And I swear they'll be pretty.