Thursday, September 27, 2012

It's finally fall weather!

It's finally fall weather!  That means longer walks with the pups, running in the dark, lots of layers, firing up the wood stove, watching the fall foliage, drinking apple cider, enjoy football tailgating, and everything pumpkin related.  

It also means taking Jewels for more car rides to get her outside since her royal highness gets cold when the temperature dips lower than 80 degrees.  She refuses to come off our back deck if it's too cold outside for her, but if we take her in the car and then bring her to a park she'll walk around for a few minutes.  Jax hates motor vehicles so he's much happier hanging out at home then going for a quick car ride around the neighborhood. 

Of course the hubs and I have to be on lookout for other dogs when we're out and about with Jewels. Don't be fooled by her 13.5lbs, she's the fiercest dog of all time. 

Jewels equates in her mind, "laying down in the grass and eating grass as a bad thing, but eating grass while standing up is a good thing."  She's a feisty dog. 

Yes, my dog ignores me 99.9% of the time.  The only time she pays me any mind is if I have food.  Every once in while I'll think she's trying to be affectionate with me, but really she's just trying to get under the warmth of my blanket.  The hubs is her person and I'm just a warm body that takes up space on the couch in her mind! 

Although I shouldn't complain about my diva dog too much because it is nice that I can take her for walk in a dress and heels.  That is not an option with Jax!  It's hilarious how different those two dogs are even though we've raised them together since they were pups.

What is everyone else looking forward to doing this fall? 

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  1. Awww Jewels! Love the post! We'll have a s'mores party once we find our fire pit :)