Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Why hello there San Juan

I've been racking up the air miles as of late with quite a bit of work travel in the past few months. Some of my destinations haven't been that glamorous, such as Detroit, but this past week I've been holed up in West Palm Beach, FL and San Juan, PR. It's a rough life.

However, I have some very over-protective family members when it comes to living out of a suitcase. Back when I first started traveling for work, I had three quick trips in succession to Denver, Fort Lauderdale, and Newark, NJ. While having a celebratory birthday dinner with my parents in Newark my dad leaned over to me and said, "if I find out you went for a run in downtown Newark like you did in Denver, I'll beak your legs." He may or may not have repeated the same warning when I've went to Detroit, but you get the picture.

To add injury to insult, when the hubs found out I was going to take a train to go from West Palm Beach to the Miami airport so that I could catch a direct flight to San Juan he immediately responded with, "wait, you're going to go to Miami by yourself, in a suit?" My other option was to take a non-direct flight that had me backtrack to Atlanta and then fly to San Juan. I picked a train ride over the chance to have to run through the Atlanta airport and hope not to miss my next flight. Gesh!

Goodness gracious! I'm a big girl, I can handle myself on these trips.

And here's my hotel in San Juan.
It's not like I'm staying in a motel that rents out rooms by the hour here people. I just need Hilton and Marriott to like each other and let me combine my points total for a sweet vacation stay. Or, the hubs needs to tag along on a work trip.

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