Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Taking photos is not one of his strengths

The hubs is afraid of cameras. There's really no other logical explanation for his anti-camera stance than pure, absolute fear because I can't fathom why a grown man would be so hesitant to ever take a picture of his wife. It's comical because every year for Christmas I put together a photo book for our grandparents and ever year it's a struggle to find a decent picture of me.

I had a somewhat important down in Washington, DC the other day and decided to ditch the traditional power suit and instead wear a somewhat cute and youthful dress. I am on the team as the technology person, so I really shouldn't hide from the fact that I'm there because I'm young and I know the current technology systems that pertain to my work's project. I wore, what I considered, to be a cute dress I just picked up from Banana Republic. I'll be honest, it's more fitted than what I normally wear, so all day long people at my office kept saying things like, "I really like that dress" or "you look great!"

Then, at my meeting an Assistant Deputy Secretary at a very important government entity said to me in the hallway, "that dress is fantastic. It's business, but with a side of fun." I replied, "I just got it at Banana Republic and there are a quite a few more to be purchased." She laughed.

When I came home late (again!) from work I asked the hubs if he could take a picture of me in my supposed cute dress. I made the mistake of already pulling my hair back in a pony tail, but figured at least I could show my aunt that I don't wear only ill fitting clothes.

That quasi head-less shot above is what the hubs took. Thankfully, the pups wanted in on the action and the hubs kept shooting away.

Seriously, all I wanted was a picture where I was smiling and both of my eyes were open, how hard could that be?

Finally, here's a picture of the dress. It's cute and I love it.

As for the hubs... I'm working on that situation!

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