Tuesday, May 18, 2010


We finally made it to Preakness!!! Okay, this is only the third year the hubs and I have lived within 7 miles of Pimlico, but whatever!

Anyway, after much drunken shenanigans in previous years the masterminds behind Preakness decided to outlaw attendees from bringing in their own alcohol. As expected attendance numbers were way down last year. In order to lure some of the infield crowd back, but not contribute to the "running of the urinals" mentality of yore the powers that be decided to implement a $20 Mug Club this year. So, for $20 you received a plastic mug and you got to fill it with beer all day long.

The hubs was very proud of his mugs or maybe just happy for an endless supply of beer and the chance to bet on some horses.

My co-worker got incredibly sunburnt! Hey, don't knock the red head and her 70SPF sunscreen! I came home without a stitch of sunburn.

Go! Go! GO!!!

Yeah, Super Saver let me down. Oh well, we had a great time and my sunscreen regime really made me happy. The hubs got a little red of course that gives me bragging rights for a week or so.

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