Wednesday, July 22, 2009


Eeek! I've been a bad blogger. Life has been a bit crazy lately and that hasn't left a ton of time for blogging, but I'll make up for it (I promise!).

There was this little festival in Baltimore over the weekend. It's called Artscape and I've never heard of it until two weeks ago. Then I heard it was a free festival and CAKE would be playing Saturday night. Wait, I get to see CAKE... for free? Count me in.

The hubs was skeptical as soon as I told him it was a free festival and he heard the word "art." He took an art history class in college and his professor was a bit on the wacky side and now the hubs is a bit nervous around anything art related.

Thankfully, my best friend came up for the day and the three of us headed down to the festival. There was a ton of exhibits. Seriously, me missed almost every major event because we were too busy just walking around and checking out all the little booths and side performances.

We watched a human game of Foosball for thirty minutes. My best friend insists on recreating this gem at her boyfriend's next pig roast. It was pretty impressive!

The main attraction, for us anyway, was definitely seeing CAKE. I was slightly disappointed that they didn't perform my favorite song, but I can listen to that on my Ipod whenever I want, so there's no love lost.

Heeeeelllllo John!

Unfortunately, the hubs and I weren't able to get tickets to the Virgin Mobile FreeFest later this summer, so this past weekend's concert will probably be the highlight of our free concert summer series. Oh well, it was a pretty good one.

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