Saturday, February 21, 2015

Oh baby!

There are certain universal truths in life. They're consistent, even relentless sometimes. 

When you get married people will ask, "when are you going to start a family?" Maybe not right after the ceremony and maybe not even for the first year. 

"We have Jax and Jewels," is apparently not an acceptable response.  Especially to grandmothers who want more great-grandchildren. But you can't fault them for just wanting more people to love.  

When you buy a four bedroom house there are certain expectations that you're going to have enough people living in that house to warrant the extra bedrooms. 

Then when you live in that house for a few more years the questions become louder and more frequent. Family gatherings become more stressful and the ways of saying, "not today" or "in a few years" begin to become even more difficult to muster. Booze helps. That was my weapon of choice at more than one Christmas. An amazing husband who gently switched the conversation to something else was a major help. 

But the hubs and I got it. People were just curious and we've never refrained from saying we wanted kids and we loved kids. Plus, it was flattering to think that others thought we'd make good parents. The timing just wasn't right for us. 

Thankfully, the time is right. Well, as right as right will ever be. 

We're thrilled to finally have an answer to the question that has been posed to us the most over these past seven years of marriage. 

August 2015. That's when we'll have a baby. Or at least that's when my doctor thinks we're going to have a baby. The hubs and I are going to let the little one determine the schedule and we're just along for the ride. 


  1. Congrats! Love the photos. Plus, those New Balance are so stinking cute. /dead

  2. saw this on insta -- congrats to you both! so exciting! and yes, as a newlywed, i often have to forcefully show people my glass of wine as i exclaim "not yet!" :)

  3. YAYYY! I am SO excited for you :) I love this announcement and all of the pictures - so cute. Being a parent is the most wonderful thing in the world, you're going to love it! Congrats again!