Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Made in USA Pajamas

It's that time of the year - I slept in my flannel PJs for the first time this past weekend.  My love of flannel pajamas knows no bounds, nor does my love with a good pajama set. Honestly, I could pack for a week's vacation and easily bring a different matching flannel set for each and every night.

Yet, I'm always on the hunt for another adorable set to add to my sleep routine. Let's be honest, I've been known to roam around the house far longer than I should in my pajamas on lazy weekends. But they're just that comfy!

It might be a bit early to start thinking of holiday shopping, but take it from someone who used to get a pajama set from her grandma every year, that pajamas are an awesome gift. Thankfully there are plenty of pajamas made in the USA that would be perfect as any type of gift.

Pajama sets - yay or nay? Shorts version? Long version? And who's rocking a footy PJ onesie from time to time?


  1. Yay! Although, I sometimes just wear the bottoms and add a tank top.

  2. that are some really cool items